WECO gearboxes

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A WECO gearbox is a mechanism that connects a motor to the driven load. It allows a motor and a load to have different torque and speed. It consists of a series of gears and the transmission ratio is determined by the reduction ratio (the number of teeth on the input and output shafts).

What criteria should be considered when selecting a WECO gearbox?

It is essential to consider several aspects when purchasing a WECO gearbox. A WECO gearbox allows you to change the input and output axis of a mechanism’s characteristics (torque and speed). Therefore, it is essential to know the torque and speed. It is also a good idea to start with a question of torque. A WECO gearbox allows you to increase the torque of your motor by allowing a receiving part to rotate under the influence of the additional torque. WECO gearbox manufacturers sometimes specify the minimum and maximum torque (in newton meters, N.m) that each of their units can handle. Gearboxes have different torque densities. For example, the torque density is high in WECO planetary gear units.

How to choose a Weco Gearbox?

The different types of WECO gearboxes

WECO planetary gearboxes, WECO worm gearboxes, WECO gearboxes with gear train and WECO bevel gearboxes are the four main types of gearboxes designed at Promea. Each of these gearboxes has advantages and disadvantages. You will need to determine which one is ideal for your needs.

The WECO Planetary Gearbox

WECO planetary gearboxes are extremely efficient because they achieve a very high reduction ratio. Depending on the model, the reduction ratio per train is between 3 and 10. The rotating elements of planetary gear units have a low inertia, which is particularly remarkable. WECO planetary gear units are advantageous due to their small size, high efficiency, low backlash, and high torque-to-weight ratio. On the other hand, their complex and costly design requires maintenance by experienced professionals. Promea offers you a recognized expertise for the maintenance of your gearbox.

The WECO worm gearbox

The input and output shafts of WECO worm gear units are perpendicular. They are generally used in situations that require a high transmission ratio. WECO worm gear units have a non-reversible mechanism. This means that the worm cannot be driven by the wheel. This non-reversible mechanism has the advantage of increasing the safety of the system. WECO worm gear units are less expensive than WECO planetary gear units and are also quieter.

The WECO gearbox with gear train

WECO gearboxes units are common in high-power applications such as conveyors. Their simple technology will save you money on maintenance. In addition, the gearboxes have a high efficiency, close to 1. They have a low gear ratio.

The main feature of WECO bevel gearboxes is the angle gear, which allows the user to adjust the machine’s rotation system. This method makes it possible to change from a transverse to a longitudinal rotation system. WECO bevel gear units are small and light. They are also robust and able to withstand a high force. So if you need a lot of torque, this is the technology to choose. Their teeth are strong enough to work with three-phase asynchronous motors, as well as synchronous or asynchronous servo motors.