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New gearboxes

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New gearboxes

With WECO know-how and long experience in the design and manufacture of gearboxes and multipliers, our products guarantee optimum performance and reliability recognized worldwide and even under the most extreme conditions.

  • From our range or special manufacturing instead of existing equipment (Reverse engineering)
  • All types, parallel, perpendicular, planetary, epicyclic trains up to 1 000 000 Nm
  • Quality plan for our most demanding customers (nuclear, etc.)
  • SID standards, lifting, ATEX, …….
  • Database of more than 10 000 types of gearboxes
  • Predictive and preventive monitoring after installation

Our experts work with customers to develop tailor-made solutions using materials, technologies, proven specifications and quality components to increase your equipment uptime and reduce your maintenance costs. We are committed to providing high quality equipment with competitive cost and delivery time.

We are committed to providing high quality equipment with competitive costs and delivery times.

Our know-how in images

Integration of a coupled pump on a conveyor gearbox
Structural study before replacing a motorized bucket lift assembly
Study of a new lubrication skid with control of each injection point
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